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Digital Marketing Specialist - Juliano Costa
Juliano Costa - Digital Marketing Specialist

Beyond The Marketing is a project that was born with the intention of bringing marketing knowledge in an in-depth way but in a relaxed and level-headed language.

I believe that we can go beyond when we set out to share what we have.

Who am I? A Digital Marketing Specialist!

Pleased to meet you, my name is Juliano Costa, I’m a marketing lover and since my teenage years I’ve been working professionally in digital marketing with several companies, I describe myself as a Digital Marketing Specialist in constant learning and evolution.

Since 2005 using digital marketing as a tool for transformation and growth of small to large companies.

Leading multidisciplinary teams, with deep knowledge in marketing and technology (programming/design), I could become a key player and integrator between the marketing and development teams, facilitating the traffic of information and executing projects that achieved excellence due to the reduction of noise, allowing greater agility in delivery and capacity of results.

In this journey I had the privilege of working with companies in over 5 countries being recognized by the continuous delivery of results and value, among these companies I am proud to act strategically in companies like Roche, UOL, Porto Seguro, OSRAM, Tech Access, Brinquedos Bandeirante and many others, where I could in front of my teams contribute with my knowledge and achieve together the expected results.

Some of the skills for which I am usually recognized/appointed are:

✔ Digital marketing with a focus on performance, leads and conversion
✔ Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads (paid traffic management)
✔ Development and optimization of websites and landing pages
✔ SEO (search engine optimization)
✔ Data analysis
✔ Marketing for e-commerce
✔ Inbound Marketing (content marketing)
✔ Growth Hacking
✔ Social Media
✔ Marketing Consultant, Teacher and Lecturer
✔ Excellence in FPS games 😄